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Deadlines extended until 12/12:
New Physical and Vocal Training course is open!
Due to the great amount of registrations, we are happy to announce we are opening a new group! Same procedures, same dates. Come join us in a warm week of inspiring exchanges!

         From 15 to 28 January 2018, The Bridge of Winds will meet in Ghent, Belgium, to develop an artistic research in the Studios of Les Ballet C de la B, and to promote a series of artistic exchanges with the city. The group will offer 2 different workshops.

Physical and vocal training


When :

from 22 to 26 January 2018

Where :

Studio Les Ballet C de la B (S3)

Bijlokesite, Bijlokekaai 1 Ghent, Belgium.

How to apply :

Write an email to info@bridgeofwinds.com with a short motivation letter and cv . Registrations are open until 01/12 !

Please write on subject for which workshop you are applying for. You can only apply for one of the three. Places are limited!

Fee : 120 €

The workshops will take place in the morning (9 am to 1 pm) and all the participants are invited to stay over in the afternoon (2-6 pm) to follow and take part at the rehearsals of our new performance ” Freaks!” .

The performance will be presented the 27th January.


1. Physical and vocal training

This course will explore the research the Bridge of Winds has been developing for almost 30 years. It focuses on five types of exercises to develop a range of qualities for the performer to work in performative scoring processes.

All exercises aim to find a flow of energies that allows the performer to engage and interact with space, rhythm, intensities and other performers.

The students work carefully on the preparation of physical actions, through exercises they learn to master and manipulate according to their own poetics.

The principles approached will be developed further in the creation of performing scores connected to music and text, as the vocal universe of the group expands and incorporate the different sources of sound the body in its whole can produce.



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