In january 2018, The Bridge Of Winds came together for their annual meeting, in the beatyful historic city Ghent, in Belgium.

Prior to the meeting, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, took part in a book presentation, at the University of Ghent, for the english translation of the book The Blind Horse, dialogues with Eugenio Barba and other writings, by Iben Nagel Rasmussen. Previously published in Danish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

As well as focusing on the training and research, the group held 3 workshops, with participants from various countries; Clown, voice training and physical training.

The group performed their concert ” Voices of the wind” in De Koer, the performance Freaks, in Studio S3, and participated together with Allez, Chantez, ( Come and Sing) in a singing session in les Balles C de la B.

At the end of the meeting the Bridge of winds, and the participants from the workshops did a barter, along with people of Ghent.


Photo: Francesco Galli                                                                    BRIDGE OF WINDS in Studio S3. From left to right sitting: Elena Floris (Italy), Luis Alonso (Cuba/Brazil), Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Tippe Molsted (Denmmark), Lina della Rocca (Italy) Standing from left to right: Yteng Ding (China), Guillermo Angelelli (Argentina), Tartiana Cardoso, Carlos Simioni (Brazil), Rafael Magahlaes (Brazil), Mika Juusela (Finland), Pernille Ullmann (Denmark), Miguel Jeréz (Spain), Sandra Pasini (Italy/Denmark), Iza Vuorio (Poland/Finland), Antonella Diana (Italy/Denmark), Sofia Monsalve (Colombia), Adriana La Selva (Belgium), Jori Snell (The Netherlands).


Photo: Francesco Galli                                                                          Book presentation, University of Ghent


Photo: Francesco Galli                                                                    Antonella Diana (Italy/Denmark) with her two assistants Marcos Rangel and Rodrigo Carinhana (Brazil) rehearsing lights for the performance FREAKS.


Photo: Francesco Galli
“Voices in the Wind”, concert in De Koer:



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