The Primeval Night

Traveling through the nature of West Jutland and Danish traditions, tales and characters meet with mythical figures from other parts of Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
Diversity is the heart of the performance.
UR-NAT is fruitful and full of music: drums are heard from a hilltop, the violin and the shawm flute accompany dancing creatures in colorful robes. Songs of a choir echoe over the sea, while dramatic action unfolds on a field, to the sound of wind turbines.
Through the surprising and the different, we suddenly discover the familiar landscape, which has been hidden away for a long time, and now we see it again, with fresh eyes.
UR-NAT is our hidden depths, the part of us that lies dormant - our "other" wealth.
With five keywords as a starting point: origin, wanderlust, Ur-nat, transformation, and preservation, the scenes for the performance arise.